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The Maze runner - movie review

The Maze runner – movie review


Today I found myself sitting in big red chairs with a package of popcorn next to me, a box of candies, three of my best friends, 15 other people in a room for 250 and an amazing movie that premiered in Sweden today. I was quite surprised that, though it was the premiere of The Maze runner today, there was barely anyone sitting around us. Therefore I had the chair next to me to rest my legs and…

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Shareturday - Apple Parody’s level 1000


Hey there Curious people,

I just realised that it’s saturday today which means (according to the little schedule I made on my about page) that I plan to share something. Which I didn’t even realise until I hovered with my mouse over the Publish button. Talk about coincidence…

With Apple having launched their newest gadgets recently so many Apple parody’s have popped up on the interweb. Having…

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The flu, Netflix and blog apologies

The flu, Netflix and house invasions



Hey there lovely readers :) , 


I am incredibly sorry that I have not posted anything since… I don’t even remember the last time I posted something. I am very sorry, I truly am. 

But me and my boyfriend… Excuse me, me and my Netflix (got carried away there for a moment) have been binge watching Doctor Who, Homeland, Game of Thrones and Avatar (no judging, it’s a great show, with many childhood…

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when you pass an exam you expected to fail


(via thepunkslut)

oopsidontknow Talkin bout games 😉



how i comfort my friends:


For all the food monsters out there


This is so satisfying

That moment you realise you are allergic to milk.



what if you could put emojis into passwords


Last post of today, I’m going to work some more on my homework. Kisses to all of you through this lady with very bright lipstick on.
I love this car, and honestly… I kind of miss autumn
pre sneeze feeling (actually paused the youtube video on this exact moment). 
I wish there were glasses that had pictures in them, so if people looked into my eyes they would be mesmerised.